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Excavator Rippers

Unlock the full potential of your excavating equipment with Hogan Engineering’s premium excavator rippers. Designed to effortlessly penetrate hard ground, hard materials and tough, compacted soils, our heavy-duty excavator ripper attachments are essential for any challenging excavation project. Whether you’re breaking through frost, ripping up clay, or prying rocks and shale, our rippers provide the durability and performance needed to get the job done efficiently.

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A Range of High-Performance Excavator Parts

Elevate your excavator’s capabilities with our extensive selection of high-quality excavator attachments. Hogan Engineering is your all-in-one source for excavator attachments in Australia, offering a wide range of solutions to meet your project’s demands. Our excavator rippers, along with other specialised attachments, are engineered to enhance your machine’s performance and your overall productivity.

Break Through the Toughest Terrain With Excavator Ripper Attachments

Our excavator rippers are built for maximum penetration, designed to slice through the most resistant materials and allow you to achieve greater depth with ease. The robust construction, strategic design and reliability of our rippers guarantee reduced wear and ensure that you can tackle the hardest ground conditions, reducing the time and effort required for ground preparation. With a Hogan Engineering excavator ripper, your projects can move forward more smoothly, no matter the challenge.

Why Buy From Hogan Engineering?

Hogan Engineering’s legacy in manufacturing and supplying earthmoving attachments and gas asset products spans decades, reflecting our dedication to quality and excellence. We appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a well-executed job, which is why we offer a variety of excavator attachments, including custom-built solutions, to ensure you can work with precision and confidence.

As a third-generation family business, established in North-Western Sydney since 1947, we possess unmatched industry insight and expertise. We’re not just proud of the products and services we offer; we’re committed to empowering you to take pride in every project you undertake.

Your commitment to excellence inspires us. At Hogan Engineering, we go above and beyond to meet your needs, providing top-tier attachments and comprehensive support to help you succeed.

Shop at Hogan Engineering Now!

In the market for high-performance excavator rippers in Australia? Hogan Engineering is here to supply you with the best ripper attachments, designed to enhance your excavator’s efficiency and tackle even the toughest digging conditions. With an extensive range of rippers designed to suit excavators of any model or weight from 1.5T to 29T, we can keep your project moving forward with minimal downtime. Browse our selection today and find the perfect ripper attachment to power through your next project. Shop now!

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