Hogan have been manufacturing and supplying earthmoving attachments and gas asset products for decades, and this is a testament of our commitment to providing you with the highest quality products and services.


We know how much you pride yourself on a job well done. We’re committed to providing you both off-the-shelf and custom-built excavator attachments, so that you can get your job done with confidence. We’re also committed to being a reliable and flexible supplier to the gas industry, so that you can easily adapt and adjust to changes in the market.

As a third-generation family business based in North-Western Sydney and established since 1947, you can rely on our industry know-how and expertise. We want you to be proud of your work; that’s why we’re so proud of the products and services we provide for you.

You’ll move heaven and earth to do a great job.

So at Hogan, we’re going beyond.

Darren Hogan

Director and Sales Manager

After over 30 years in the company, I’m proud to be the third generation in a family business that excels in customer satisfaction, quality, solid work ethic and just the old-school “get it done” mentality.

My journey at Hogan Engineering started when I was 16, working in the family business with my dad during the school holidays, before I entered into an apprenticeship where I developed my skills as a fitter and turner.

My role now is to oversee all attachment sales, as well as maintaining and strengthening the relationships we have with our customers. In my time here I have been involved with some incredible deals, but the most important thing has been the people I have met and friends that I have made throughout the journey.

Ross Hibbert

Director and Manager of Fabricated Gas Products

I have been employed at Hogan Engineering for the last 25 years, initially working as a fitter and welder for the hydraulic components used in our earthmoving attachments. I then progressed into the CNC machining side of the business.

Since Hogan diversified into the manufacturing and supplying of natural gas meter and regulator sets in 1997, I have managed all aspects of this branch of the company.

The most satisfying part of the job is knowing that Hogan is supplying quality, Australian-manufactured products to the industry and to infrastructure projects throughout NSW.

“Quality doesn’t just happen; it takes dedication and commitment.”

Who Chooses Hogan


Your work is a reflection of your equipment: reliable and long-lasting. Our high quality, Australian-made attachments will deliver just that.


You will receive the best products at a competitive rate, with fast delivery and quality assurance for your business.


You can deliver ongoing quality service to your clients, with our steel-fabricated gas meter kits and sets that are designed to last.


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