COVID-19 and the “new normal”

Ever since the pandemic put the majority of the world into lockdown, many have been asking the same question: when will we get back to normal?

The truth is, we may never get back to the “normal” that we knew before COVID-19. The world has had to make lifestyle changes in order to adapt, and many have come to realise that some of these changes have actually improved the way we live.

Restrictions on face-to-face interaction forced many small businesses to reinvent themselves online, such as giving virtual tours, setting up online stores, using remote working tools or providing delivery. While at first some struggled with the transition, many have seen this open up opportunities to reach more customers than ever before.

At Hogan, we began working on giving customers the ability to shop our attachment range online and place orders through our website for our smaller range. Though this is something we did to cater to the pandemic, we are definitely taking steps to improve this and make it a permanent fixture in our business. Being online has allowed us to reach people who would have never had the chance reach just face-to-face.

[The future] will have lots of the good stuff from the old world that we love and know, and want to protect. But there will be a whole bunch of new things, new opportunity, new behaviours, customers learning to behave in a different way. Much of that will stay forever.”

Shayne Elliott, CEO of ANZ (to LinkedIn)

What changes have you had to make since the pandemic hit?
Have any of them had positive effects on your life?
Do you think these will stay once the pandemic is over?

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