Are excavator buckets universal?

Every machine is different! Pin centres and ear widths often differ between machine makes and models, so most of the time excavator buckets are not universal.

Sometimes, there are exceptions with machines that happen to have the same (or very similar) pickup specs. Also, depending on the brand and style of your hitch, you may be able to pick up buckets with a range of pin centres.

However, nothing is more accurate than measuring for yourself.

How do I measure my bucket?

When it comes to making attachments to suit your excavator, there are 3 important measurements needed:

  • Pin diameter: usually the front and back pin are the same diameter, but sometimes they can differ
  • Pin centres: the distance between the centre of each pin
  • Spread: the narrowest width between the ears

Most machines have standard pickup measurements, but we always recommend measuring for yourself to ensure that the attachment you purchase will fit on your machine. Be wary when buying second-hand machines, as hitches can be made to suit different pickups than the machine’s standard.

How can Hogan help?

To make the attachment buying process as smooth as possible, we offer as much assistance as we can before we fabricate your attachments to ensure that they fit onto your machine. We keep a large database of the standard pickup specifications of a wide range of machines.

For those who live locally, you can also bring us your machine or any existing attachments that fit onto your machine and we will happily measure it up for you to ensure accurate measurements.

If coming to see us isn’t an option, we are always happy to speak to you over the phone and correspond via email as much as is required to guarantee that we have the right measurements. We want to get it right the first time! Enquire here to get in touch with our team, or call 1300 4 HOGAN (1300 446 426).

We also keep a record of all the jobs that have come through our factory. If you already own a Hogan attachment, simply provide us with the serial number and we can make it to the same specifications. The serial number is unique to every attachment and can be found on the ID tag or stamped into the attachment itself.

Already have your measurements? Shop now at and buy directly online!

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