Hogan Engineering

1.5 to 45 tonne Ripper

Hogan Engineering rippers are fully designed and tested in Australia for strength and durability. We manufacture attachments to suit all kinds of earthmoving machinery. 

  • Our ripper range is from 1 tonne through to 45 tonne.
  • Our arched design provides a better penetration and an extended life to our ripper.
  • You can not go passed a Hogan ripper for balance and the correct angle 1st time.
  • Shanks made from Bisalloy steel with hard facing on wear areas. Reinforced shank on larger models.
  • Appropriate for digging, uprooting and quarrying operations.
  • Non-standard rippers are made to order. 
  • We hold stock of standard sizes with quick turn around and delivery.

  • All our products are supported by the Hogan Engineering service back up with fast turnaround.
  • Our quality management system is accredited and all our systems comply with relevant standard.
  • Contact today for more information.