Hogan Engineering

600 Compaction Wheel

Hogan Engineering compaction wheels are fully designed and tested in Australia for standard compaction. Standard width of compaction wheel is 600 mm. Our compaction wheel increases the adaptability of your excavator. Our offset pad and open wheel design is ideal for trenching. We have modified our design to reduce the clogging in clay. We manufacture compaction wheels to suit all kinds of earthmoving machinery.

  • Manufactured mostly to suit machines from 10 to 30 ton.
  • Strong and durable with heavy duty construction to withstand robust working conditions.
  • Hogan compaction wheels are manufactured using Bisalloy grade steel for abrasion resistance.
  • Sealed hardened pivot pin with hardened bushing and bearings guarantees the smooth function and low maintenance cost.
  • Protected grease points and hoses are also provided with every compaction wheels.
  • Easy and effective compaction of soil, banks and trenches.
  • All our compaction wheels are machined squared through our CNC workshop for close tolerance finishes. CNC machined to ensure perfect positions every time.
  • Guaranteed quick turnaround time.

  • All our products are supported by the Hogan Engineering service back up with fast turnaround.
  • Our quality management system is accredited and all our systems comply with relevant standard.
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