Hogan Engineering

Fully Automatic Quick Hitch

  • As Australia's oldest manufacturer of quick hitches, Hogan Engineering pride ourselves on keeping up with today's standards as well as moving forward with today's quick hitch requirements.
  • Hogan supplied TEFRA twin lock hydraulic hitches are tough and durable and have been proven over a long period of time to be very reliable, as well as being very competitively priced.
  • The integral primary and secondary safety systems in TEFRA eliminate one of the most dangerous aspects of handling attachments (the risk of attachments coming away completely).
  • TEFRA solve this by using a positive locking system rather than a gravity locking system, making the crucial safety feature active in the way it works.
  • TEFRA components are cast, meaning lower weight and higher strength.
  • The TEFRA has broad market appeal, meeting every challenge, with a product for every application.
  • Hogan stocks the mini range. The TEFRA fits excavators in size classes from 3 to 120 tons.
  • The TEFRA is fully compliant with expected forthcoming legislation.
  • The TEFRA is at least two years ahead of its time, making it the safest coupler on the market today.

  • All our products are supported by the Hogan Engineering service back up with fast turnaround.
  • Our quality management system is accredited and all our systems comply with relevant standard.
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